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Lack of political , economical and social security in Azerbaijan in the late 19th century, i.e. during the last period of the reign of the Qajor dynasty, made Firouzi's ancestors go to Causasia for capital investment. Their first step in the said region was establishing a brick works in Tbilisi. The process of producing brick continued in this city until the outburst of the October Revolution of Russia in 1917.As a result, Firouzi's ancestors left Russia to Iran during the same year and, residing n Salmas for  a  period  of time, returned  to Tabriz  In the

Mr. Firouz Firouzi

The Founder of Brick Industry in Azarbaijan /IRAN

year 1919,they established the first brick works in Tabriz equipped with the most advanced technology of that time, namely Hoffman technology. Previous long years of experience along with the ceaseless endeavor of the said ancestors resulted in such a vast development of this industry that present traditional system of