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A brief history of brick

Brick existed since the most bedouin civilization on the earth dating back to the Stone-age era. Since the origin of its foundation and evolution from Mesopotamia to the big graves of kings , Nile River bank and apparent symbols of the art of Babel and Assyrians architecture the Tower of Babel, Euphrates and Tigris , and the Persian Gulf coast its progress during the Assyrians, Parts, the Sassabies the Islamic architectural art, inscriptions are evidence of the fact that whether in East or West architects and engineers have used bricks and since the beginning of the history of mankind, wherever we go we come across the bricks. Sousa Palace , Watt Chung Temples in Bangkok, pillars of the third Hear Temple in Olympia , till the historical monuments in Iran such as Ardestan


General Mosque, Esfahan General Mosque, the Tower of Qabus, the red Tower of Maragheh, the famous minarets in Dameghan , Sabzevar, and Semnan, the citadel of Alishah in Tabriz, all and all indicate the antiquity as well as the importance of brick over the history. Modern technology of  today furnishes many technological instruments and an abundance of possibilities to architects . In spite of its modernity , it is a means to blossom their very sensitive and pulchritudinous mind.