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Hence , art and technology have a common enemy : none legacy and prosaicness. But, of course, by no means do we claim that brick is the only way of getting to know this spiritual parlor, rather there are many agents which can do this work just as well. But, the difference between them is the maneuverability of brick for serving many purposes. In spite of the long time since its usage , brick has never forfeited its glory.If we frequently talk about iron and concrete ,it is not because brick isconsidered as the antiquities , hence forgotten , but instead we are so much acquainted with bricks that they no longer hit our eyes.The history of modern architecture has many words to parley to the future comers about the new elements and methods or construction and, perhaps, leaves no room for brick to talk about. This is not due to the lack of modern architectural auspices to the genuine constructional elements, but as before,  it  is because of the triviality of this very modern element of


architecture. We frequently hear the damages and desolations earthquakes leave due to the unconformity to the international standards in building construction and building materials. This company , in cooperation with some European companies, is aiming at producing. different standard facade bricks and blocks resisting earthquakes so that, with the cooperation of Iranian engineers and contractors we hope to put a step further to fight this desolating blight .